Grill, c1909 – Mystery Location

The University of Oregon Libraries gives this photo conflicting information. It identifies this establishment as the Perkins Hotel Grill but gives its location as the corner of SW 6th and Washington. The Perkins Hotel was on 5th and Washington and the photo matches neither face in this view of the hotel so I’m not 100% convinced this is correct. If anyone has any more clues or information (or confirmation), please let us know via the comments for this post.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

Fox & Music Box Theaters, 1991

Nike Town was the new kid on the (next) block in 1991 while the Fox Theater and Music Box Theater had just a few years left before the wrecking ball came. An earlier view of the theaters, on SW Broadway and Yamhill, can be seen here. Thanks to VP fan Andy Davies for sending in this photo; great shadow lighting through the Fox sign.

(Andy Davies)

Motorcycle Club on 4th Street, c1912

Early day Harley-Davidson motorcyclists gather in front of the Motorcycle & Supply Co. storefront at 209 Fourth Street (between Salmon and Taylor) circa 1912. A 1913 article in The Oregonian reports on the first endurance run by the Rose City Motorcycle Club, from Portland to Corvallis and back by 37 riders; perhaps it was this very event. Douglas Wilmot sent in this fabulous photo. His grandfather Albert E. Davis is the gentleman fourth from the right with the child, who Douglas is trying to identify, on the handlebars. Mr. Davis ran the B.E. Davis Electric Co. on Front Street at Oak in the 1920s-30s. The Rowland Hotel can also be seen in the distance in this photo.

(Douglas Wilmot)

SE 39th & Powell, c1937

When we last saw this building, in a 1935 photo, it was a Signal gas station. By about 1937 it was the Powell Tavern, as seen here. There appears to be a Richfield station behind the tavern and a Texaco on the near corner. The area looked almost rural at the time. This view is north on 39th.

(City of Portland Archives)

SW 6th Avenue, c1960

This bright, full-color postcard looks north on SW 6th Avenue with SW Taylor as the cross street. A lack of sidewalk-planted trees gives a clear view well past Burnside. Thanks to VP fan Ryan for sending this in.


E Burnside, Sandy & 12th, 1948

E. Burnside where Sandy Blvd. and 12th Avenue cross has always been an interesting intersection. The recent couplet may have reduced some confusion here but it’s still a bustling intersection.

(City of Portland Archives)

Downtown Aerial, 1963

It was a beautiful day in 1963 as Mt. Hood loomed over the Portland skyline. The Hilton Hotel was the tallest building in town, the freeway had not come to the west side and was only partly underway on the east side, and the Portland Beavers played baseball at Civic Stadium.

(City of Portland Archives)