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  2. Where do you get your scans? I have just begun exploring the Oregon Historical Society photo archives in the research library and their pretty protective of their images. Is the City of Portland archives a seperate collection?

  3. Thank you so much for this site–it is absolutely wonderful. Every morning before I head out to work I look at the site to see what’s new–one of the little gems I can look forward to each day.

  4. I worked at, and loved Alexanders Chrysler, for 13 years. It was at the triangle lot, address 2340 N.E. Sandy. We were bought out by Timberline Dodge and they threw away our photo alblum, dating back to 1938. I was wondering if you could post any old pictures of this cherished (to many) dealership.

  5. Thank you for sharing your fantastic finds! I appreciate the large formats on most of the photos and maps so that one can make out the many details normally lost in smaller pictures. I hope to see, in future posts, some vintage photos of the Sellwood District, the PEPCO interurban car barns and tracks that went through there (I used to live across the tracks from the large car barn complex just off SE 11th Ave.). Keep up the good work!

  6. Thank you SO much for sharing these incredible pictures! I have been looking for old pictures of SE Belmont for a long time. The photo of 39th and Belmont was of particular interest to me, as my wife and I live right near there! Would you happen to have any more photos of that area of Belmont? I’d really like to see what used to be at 38th and Belmont (the south side of Belmont, specifically). If only that picture taken at 39th and Belmont was from the other side of the street! 🙂 Thanks again for all your work.

  7. I grew up in Portland in the 1950s and 1960’s–glad I found your site. Love the photos of the orange and white “Wait Lites” (pedestrian signals) that were once common throughout the city. Thank you.

  8. Dear Dan,

    My name is Jennifer Bydwell and I am doing research for a film project. Could you please confirm for me the source of one of the photos on your site? Is is: “Aerial View, West End Burnside Bridge”. The photo is 1935, and credited to the City of Portland Archives. Do you know by any chance what the accession number is?

    Many thanks,

  9. Hi Dan, My curiosity has been tweaked by the news reports in recent days about building a “Public Market” at the west end of the Morrison Bridge. It got me to wondering if you might have pictures of the old Yamhill St Public Market. Kind of Portland’s version of Seattle’s Pike Place Market. I have fond memories of walking through it in the early 50’s. Let some of our citizens know this isn’t a new idea and would be well received.

  10. That’s the one that I’m referring to, yes. It never had as much character as Pike Place, which is now a destination, but I still remember the good times I spent there. And of similar style was Corno’s produce on “Union Ave” that is long gone also.

  11. WOW. It’s like a way back machine. I was born in Portland (1940) and raised here and your site really excites the ol’ memory nodes. This site is a most enjoyable forum, a very rare bird. Thank you very much. Thanks also to your many interesting contributors.

  12. I was born in Portland on June 13, 1941. This is the best website on old Portland and thanks for starting it.

  13. I have a question. My grandmother worked as waitress at the
    Lonesome Club in Portland circa 1940. I have seen a token from the Lonesome Club that shows the address as 821 SW 4th Street. I also have a group photo that includes my grandmother from inside the club. But that is all I know about it. Someone once told me that it was a great place to go dancing.
    Does anyone know anything about the Lonesome Club?

  14. I would like to echo those sentiments about this website. The best of these I have seen. I also grew up in Portland and find the then & now comparisions simply fantastic. My favorite so far is the photo of W 21st & Burnside which contains a photo of the Chinese Gardens Restaurant where my Mom worked in the 40’s and met my Dad.

  15. Dave Jordan Says:
    “My favorite so far is the photo of W 21st & Burnside which contains a photo of the Chinese Gardens Restaurant where my Mom worked in the 40’s and met my Dad.”

    Where did you find this picture Dave. I would like to see it and keep a copy of it.
    Thanks, Bob

  16. Hello Bob,

    Look up W 21st & Burnside 1953. It’s a view looking West. Has a whole bunch of differnet businesses on it.

  17. Thanks Dan. I have a picture of the old Piggly Wiggly store I went to in the 1940’s and 1950’s. It was on Barbur Blvd. and would like to submit it. how do i go about doing this? I can get it to you through my email.

    Thanks, Bob Taylor

  18. Hello! I wanted to drop a line and tell you how much I am seriously enjoying this site with its many photos. The Vanport pictures are of particular interest to my husband and I, as my late father-in-law was a small child living with his family in Vanport when it flooded, and he and his sister almost drowned trying to escape it. As for me–I work at a familiar historical restaurant that happens to have a WWII B-17g “Flying Fortress” airplane sitting out front. We run a small museum on-site, so I have access to many pictures documenting the changes in my workplace over the last 65 years (which also included a 48-pump gas station that used to be underneath the plane), but since it’s in Milwaukie and not Portland proper, I’m not certain those pictures would “qualify” for posting here. Please let me know either way.

    Thank you,
    Vanessa Carruthers

  19. We have a lovely old house on SE 67th and Woodward. Other than some ariel shots and views from the Reservoir, I can’t seem to see anything from our street. If anyone has anything, please post it. Thanks.

  20. I’m so glad to have found this. I’m a Portland native born in1939, went to Marysville grade school and Franklin Hi. Was reminiscing with a friend on Thanksgiving and we were recalling some of the old haunts and “Top Of The Park” came up but we can’t remember where it was or if it was in a hotel or what. Does anyone remember the Top Of The Park?

  21. Love this site. I’ve used it as my only source of information and point of reference for history when touring Portland. (Just moved here) I can pull up Google Earth and your site, and see the before and afters in a way that finally seems to put me in the past…as I long for daily lol. Thank you 🙂

  22. I love this site! I grew up in the sixties in the NW industrial area. the house I grew up in is now where the fremont bridge ramps come down onto Yeon. I wonder if there are any photos of that area from before the construction. NW Roosevelt, wilson between 22nd and 24th. there were a lot of residential buildings in that area then.

  23. 31st & Sandy.
    My mother sewed sport coats for a clothier in the late 60s or early 70s. it was upstairs with the access door on the avenue.

  24. Hello: I just purchased a 1963 Dodge Dart convertible that was first sold by Dodge City, Inc. in Portland. Does anyone remember this auto dealership or have a photo of it? Thanks for anything you may have.

  25. Born and raised in PDX, love the photos and the commentary. Having just discovered the blog I have spent the last several days going thru all the photos. A couple of things accured to me, I noticed a photo,very early, of Rose City Grocery, I believe, any way, when did Portland become known as The Rose City. Thanks

  26. We’ve moved into an 1896 victorian near corner of SW 16th & SW Montgomery St (right by the old firehouse) Would love to see anything in that area, as my big dream is to find a photo that includes our house. Love your site!

  27. Do you or any of your readers have any photos or information on the NW corner of Williams & Killingsworth. The building once held 4 businesses, including a barber shop and a tavern. We are starting a business there (ReClaim It!), and would love to know more about that cluster.

  28. This is a very nice website! However…it would be great to see Black representation of N/NE Portland and Vanport. I get this is a website created by the dominant society, but don’t deliberately leave us out when Black Portland has a unique part of history in this city. Thank you.

  29. I’m looking for pictures of 3827 SE 52nd. Built in 1894. I have not been able to find any information about it at all. Would love to know who built it, and any pictures would be cool.

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  31. Up by the Pittock house there is a set of streets named Seblar Drive, Seblar Terrace and Seblar Court. Any idea who or what the Seblar was named for?????

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  42. Thank you for your work in posting these great photos! I’ve grown up in Portland since 2000 and I enjoy looking up the addresses on Google Maps and seeing the difference. Although, sometimes it’s sad to see such lovely buildings replaced since then.

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