Portland Public Market, 1942

The Portland Public Market building is seen here in 1942 along Front Street looking northeast from Salmon; we’d see Salmon Street Springs on the right edge of the photo today. It must have been a nice summer day when this photo was taken; most windows are open to catch the breeze in the days before air-conditioning was common.

A2004-002.2788  The Public Market, Portland, Oregon 1942(City of Portland Archives)

SE Powell & 39th, 1937

You had your choice of Texaco or Standard gas if you were motoring east on SE Powell at 39th Avenue in 1937. And that’s just on the south side of Powell. Previous views of this corner have shown that all four corners held gas stations at that time.

A2005-001.518  SE Powell Blvd and 39th Ave looking east on Powell Blvd 1937(City of Portland Archives)

NE 41st & Sandy, 1934

I believe the depression-era business lurking in the shadows on the northeast corner of NE 41st and Sandy is the Fred Meyer store. There’s a Rite-Aid in that location now, and I don’t think any of the houses up the west side of 41st exist either.

A2005-001.541  NE 41st Ave and Sandy Blvd looking north 1934(City of Portland Archives)

Carlton Hotel, 1917

The luxurious Carlton Hotel opened on SW Washington at 14th in 1911. This 1917 view is to the southwest, looking at the 14th and Burnside corner. This building was demolished for the stadium freeway which today passes under Burnside at this point.

A2000-003.38 Survey 26A Hotel Carlton 1917(City of Portland Archives)

NE Portland Aerial, 1947

This 1947 aerial photo covers a lot of area of Northeast Portland. From Burnside at the bottom, the view stretches out past Alameda Ridge in the distance. There’s some pretty good detail in the foreground, including Buckman Field Park, Benson Polytechnic High, Sullivan’s Gulch and the site of the future Lloyd Center.

A2005-005.1479.11 Aerial Buckman Park Field NE 12th and Sandy 1947(City of Portland Archives)

SW Montgomery Dr & Vista, 1932

Hard to believe that somebody would build on the the lot on this corner due to the steepness of the slope. It would take almost a half-century but a single family home sits on the SW Montgomery Drive site just below where it meets SW Vista (beyond railing at top). It looks like Montgomery was getting the forms removed from its first paving job.

A1999-004.481 Corner of SW Montgomery Dr and SW Vista Ave 1932(City of Portland Archives)

219 N Cherry, 1957

There’s nothing particularly historic about this photo but it’s a classic mid-century American scene. If these two kids were standing here today, they’d be in their 60s and standing in the Rose Garden/Memorial Coliseum parking lot. Neither Cherry Street, nor Ross Avenue, just a house away to the right, exist today. This home had some nice stained glass and woodworking details to give it a little extra style.

A2001-004.94 219 N Cherry St 1957(City of Portland Archives)