Park and Civic Center Proposal, 1932

This 1932 proposal for a Memorial Park and Civic Center never made it past the model stage. This image (west is up) shows the Portland Heights neighborhood at top right and veteran’s hospital complex at left bottom. Note that the path of the proposed Foothill Boulevard at right closely matches the path of today’s Foothill Freeway (I-405) which wouldn’t appear for another 30 years.

A2009-009.1532 memorial park civic center 1932(City of Portland Archives)

918 N. Mississippi Avenue, 1932

It must be back-to-school time for Carl Opperman, standing in front of his grocery and confectionery shop at 918 N. Mississippi Avenue in 1932. Renumbered as 4236 N. Mississippi, that building now houses a laundromat on the southeast corner of Mississippi at Skidmore Street.

A2008-001.24 Carl Opperman Grocery 4236 N Mississippi Ave 1930(City of Portland Archives)

874 Union Avenue, 1929

Here’s another fine old house that our Number Man was documenting for the widening of Union Avenue in 1929. This was at 874 Union Avenue (pre-renumbering) which puts it just south of NE Mason Street on the east side of Union.

A2009-009.999 4054 NE Union 1929(City of Portland Archives)

Emanuel Hospital, 1974

Another nice aerial view of North Portland’s Emanuel Hospital complex in 1974. This time we’re looking north; N. Kerby Avenue and Russell Street wrap around the hospital, while I-5 and a bit of its connection with the east end of the Fremont Bridge is on the left.

Aerial of Emanuel Hospital north 1974(City of Portland Archives)

Emanuel Hospital, 1974

This east-looking 1974 aerial photo highlights the Emanuel Hospital complex in North Portland. The hospital, with Boise-Eliot Elementary School at bottom left, bracket the entrance and exit lanes for the new Fremont Bridge, out of sight to our right.

Aerial of Emanuel Hospital east 1974(City of Portland Archives)

Questionable Location, c1932

This circa 1932 photo is labeled as “SE 50th, Foster & Powell” but it doesn’t seem to match any previous photos we’ve seen of that location. We need some VP sleuths to confirm this location or to identify the real location. Good luck!

Update: This location is correct. The view is looking west on SE Powell with 50th (and the Foster Road trolley tracks) crossing in front of us. Trees up ahead indicate Creston Park. Good work everyone!

A2009-009.900 SE 50th, Foster & Powell c1932(City of Portland Archives)