N. Broadway & Larrabee, 1937 – Part 2

Earlier we had looked at the busy N. Broadway and Larrabee intersection from 1937. This view is from the same year but a different angle, this time looking south on Larrabee. It seems like a far less busy and a smaller intersection from this vantage point. Today you would be looking at Memorial Coliseum straight down Larrabee and a bit of a view of downtown Portland over the Signal station booth.

You can see this area in a little wider context at the east end of the Broadway Bridge in this photo. At some point, Larrabee became Interstate north of Broadway. Interstate was later routed to the west, under the Broadway Bridge ramp, and this became Larrabee again.

(City of Portland Archives)

Altamont Apartment Building, 1904-2010

The Altamont Apartment Building graced the southwest corner of SW 5th Avenue and College Street for over 100 years. Probably not architecturally noteworthy, and certainly not historically significant, it was nonetheless one of the few remaining early 20th century buildings of any size left in this part of town. It was demolished this month, the site destined to become a 16-story housing unit for the Portland State University campus. The home to its right on College street, built in 1880, is gone too.

(Both photos – personal collection)

N Jonesmore Street, 1913

Horse teams and hand tools – that’s how streets were built a hundred years ago. NE Jonesmore roughly parallels the north side of I-84 between about 70th and 84th Avenues. It’s been chopped up and buffered from the freeway over the years so the existence of these houses today is in question.

(City of Portland Archives)

Royal Bakery, 1917

The Royal Bakery provided Kleen-Maid Bread and other baked goods from the northwest corner of NW 11th and Everett. This photo has a couple of penned arrows pointing what appear to be structural flaws in the building.

(City of Portland Archives)

(The Oregonian. Retrieved from http://infoweb.newsbank.com)

NW 6th and Irving, 1948

We get another view of the 1948 flood in this shot looking southeast through the Union Station parking lot. At the far end is the corner of NW 6th and Irving where a temporary dike has been built. Beyond the Boyd Hotel on the right is the better-remembered Hoyt Hotel. The only building in this picture left standing is the Hunt Transfer and Storage building on Glisan between 3rd and 4th. See another flood-related photo of this area in this earlier post.

(City of Portland Archives)