SE 39th Ave & Belmont, 1949

SE 39th Avenue was just another north-south suburban street until it’s designation as an artery and widening to 90 feet. Here is what it looked like as it passed Belmont Street in 1949 before the widening project.

A2000-025.2109 Before widening SE 39th north of Belmont 1949(City of Portland Archives)

E Burnside & 12th, 1937

This 1937 photo is a little different perspective on the E. Burnside, NE Sandy and 12th intersection seen on this site a number of times. Today we’re looking northwest from just east of 13th Avenue on Burnside with NE Sandy Blvd. cutting between the Standard and Richfield service stations. Cars are lined up for the light at 12th. You can see an aerial view of the same intersection here with the Standard station in the upper left.

(City of Portland Archives)

E Burnside, Sandy & 12th, 1948

E. Burnside where Sandy Blvd. and 12th Avenue cross has always been an interesting intersection. The recent couplet may have reduced some confusion here but it’s still a bustling intersection.

(City of Portland Archives)