W. Burlington St., St. Johns, c1910

This circa 1910 street scene shows W. Burlington St. in the city of St. Johns, which was annexed into Portland in 1915. Those look like some pretty substantial buildings; does anyone know if any of them survived or where exactly we’re looking?

(City of Portland Archives)

Vanport Entrance, 1944

Last wednesday’s aerial photo of North Portland showed a tiny sliver of Vanport in the upper left edge. Here’s another sliver of the same area, closer and from a different perspective. This photo looks southwest at the Denver Avenue entrance to the housing development for wartime shipyard workers. Today there’s a small rise in the area just to the right of the start of the main straightaway at Portland International Raceway; the water tower once stood about there.

(City of Portland Archives)

N. Denver & N. Interstate, 1947

Lots of great detail in this 1947 aerial photo looking northeast over N. Interstate and Denver Avenues. The Kenton Hotel is at lower-center, and Portland Meadows racetrack is at upper-right. Vanport, on the upper-left edge, would be destroyed in a flood the next year.

(City of Portland Archives)

Hawthorne Bridge Approaches, 1958

The westbound (right) and eastbound elevated approaches to the Hawthorne Bridge were only one year old at the time of this 1958 photo. Union Avenue southbound passes through the center of the photo and the bridge itself can be seen in the distant right.

(City of Portland Archives)

NW 11th & Hoyt, 1917

Tanner Creek sewer construction made a muddy mess of NW 11th Avenue at Hoyt Street in 1917. The Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway North Bank Station passenger and freight depot buildings north of Hoyt are still there, converted to residential units in the 1990s.

(City of Portland Archives)

George F. Heusner House, c1910

Yesterday’s post showed the George F. Heusner house on the corner of NW 20th and Flanders as it was in 1974. Here’s how the 1894 home looked circa 1910. The grand scale and distinctive style make it a true classic.

(University of Oregon Libraries)