Fox & Music Box Theaters, 1991

Nike Town was the new kid on the (next) block in 1991 while the Fox Theater and Music Box Theater had just a few years left before the wrecking ball came. An earlier view of the theaters, on SW Broadway and Yamhill, can be seen here. Thanks to VP fan Andy Davies for sending in this photo; great shadow lighting through the Fox sign.

(Andy Davies)

Royal Building, 1976

Sitting next to the Orpheum Theater on SW Broadway between Morrison and Yamhill was the Royal Building. Jerome Margulis continued to do business in 1976 even as the building was demolished around him. Today you would be looking at the Starbucks at Pioneer Courthouse Square in the foreground, and the Nordstrom building sitting where the Royal once was.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

SW Broadway, 1965

SW Broadway is all dressed up for Christmas in this 1965 photo looking south at SW Morrison Street. I’m sure it looked much more festive at night.

(City of Portland Archives)