SW 6th Avenue, c1960

This bright, full-color postcard looks north on SW 6th Avenue with SW Taylor as the cross street. A lack of sidewalk-planted trees gives a clear view well past Burnside. Thanks to VP fan Ryan for sending this in.


3 thoughts on “SW 6th Avenue, c1960

  1. When I was just out of high school, I started an apprenticeship at Columbia Neon. One of the first things I helped on was repairing the neon around the Greyhound. For a long time I kept the “eye” off the dog as a souvenir. A lot of neat old Portland sign history passed through that shop. I feel lucky enough to have lived to see some of the classic signs when they were still in use, but very sad to see so many lost.

  2. I knew the Owner of Columba Neon, he was a friend of my dads. Noel Davis was a great guy, he had a boat called “Noel’s Ark” !

    I always enjoyed walking into the shop, seeing all the projects and neon colored signs.

  3. We lived at 74th & Powell until I was in 3rd grade (age 9?) . Until 1957, I rode the bus to the YMCA shown here and returned (alone after one trial trip with Mom) twice weekly.

    And I caught one of the two outgoing Powell buses at the Greyhound station shown across the street from the YMCA. Well past dark going home in the winter.

    I suppose that would be child abuse today.

    My parents sold their home and bought a new one WAY out at 103rd & Division in 1957 because the Mount Hood Freeway would soon cut thru the neighborhood .

    I’m pretty sure after dark, the end of sixth had, “Jesus, the Light of the World” sign visible the entire length of 6th.

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