N Buchanan & Fessenden, 1930

The building where Leo Fuchs ran his neighborhood store in 1930 is still on the corner of N. Buchanan Avenue and Fessenden Street. It’s now a church but the basic building, including the little attached shed on the back end, is unmistakeable. That’s probably Mr. Fuchs on the right, the barber with the adjoining business on the left, and a customer or neighbor enjoying a sunny Portland afternoon.

(City of Portland Archives)

Steel & Burnside Bridgeheads, 1935

A fantastic 1935 aerial photo showing the west end areas of the Burnside and Steel Bridges. The waterfront had been cleaned up and just a couple buildings had been torn down, but this was still a pretty intact “old” Portland. Today’s image is similar, but wider in scope, than this earlier photo.

(City of Portland Archives)

Forecourt Fountain, 1970

We know it as Keller Fountain Park today but it was originally named Forecourt Fountain when built in 1970. The fountain and park are directly across 3rd Avenue from the Keller Auditorium between SW Market and Clay. Looming in the background is the old c1890 St. Mary’s Academy building. It was demolished about the time of this photo although the stone wall you see surrounding it here lasted until 2010.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

Lents Primary School, 1957

The Lents Primary School looked brand new in 1957 and street crews were painting the crosswalks in preparation for the 1957 school year. The building is currently the Traffic Systems Services Unit (TSSU) of the Oregon Department of Transportation, and looks much as it did 55 years ago. It is just south of Powell on SE 92nd Avenue.

(City of Portland Archives)

SW 5th & Madison, 1965

Just a block east of the Congress Hotel photo from last week was this scene at SW 5th Avenue looking north from Madison. The Congress would have abutted the 5th Avenue Hotel seen here, and the Trailways/Airways Rent-a-Car building can be seen in both images. The Portland Building is now on the parking lot to our immediate right here with Multnomah County Courthouse just beyond that.

(City of Portland Archives)