SW 4th Ave. and Madison St., 1940

In this view of SW 4th Avenue you can see the Multnomah County Court House and McElroy’s Spanish Ballroom, located on the corner of SW Main Street. Can you see any other establishments in this image?


SW 4th and Madison, 1940: A2009-009.560

SW 4th and Madison, 1940: A2009-009.560


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SW 4th and Morrison, 1940

The photograph for today is of a street car going through the busy downtown intersection at SW 4th Avenue and Morrison Street. Fred Meyer, Dr. J. J. Colton, Dentist, and Chown Hardware are just a few of the businesses that line these downtown streets in 1940.

SW 4th Ave. and Morrison St. 1940 : A2005-001.863

SW 4th Ave. and Morrison St. 1940 : A2005-001.863


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R.M. Gray, 1909

R.M. Gray was a men’s furnishings store at 273-275 Morrison Street in 1909. On the northeast corner of SW 4th and Morrison, the building is long gone, replaced by a full-block parking garage. Entering the street level shop where these doors once stood would lead you to some Buffalo Wild Wings today.

rm gray store 17933 1909(University of Oregon Libraries)

SW 4th Avenue, 1946

This 1946 photo looks north on SW 4th Avenue through Oak Street, the first intersection visible. The east side of the street is pretty intact today, while the west side is completely different north of Oak. The 1883 Sinnott House at NW 3rd & Couch can be seen in the far distance.

A2005-001.1106 traffic signal SW 4th north from Oak 1946(City of Portland Archives)

Hotel Philip, 1927

Now known as the Grove Hotel, the Hotel Philip is shown here in 1927. Located on West Burnside between 4th and 5th Avenues, the building was originally about twice as deep before the Burnside widening project scaled back its south face to accommodate the street.

W Burnside and N Fourth 1927(City of Portland Archives)

SW 4th Avenue, 1973

Two views from almost identical spots atop City Hall on SW 4th Avenue between Jefferson and Madison show the block across the street before and after clearing in 1973. The block is now Terry Schrunk Plaza, named for Portland’s mayor from 1957 to 1973.

Buildings on SW 4th Ave east of City Hall 1973
Federal building site [Schrunk Plaza] 01 1973(City of Portland Archives)

4th Avenue Plaza, 1976

Hard to believe this beautiful park and building were so close to downtown yet seemed like such an oasis of calm. This is Pacific Northwest Bell’s 4th Avenue Plaza, termed “perhaps the most skillfully disguised parking structure in this city,” by the Portland Beautification Association. “It is ‘in a place where (the company) may have built just another highrise, landscaped parking lot. We have instead a stunningly handsome space.'” The garage entrance was under the berm to the right of the orange tiled column. The glass and steel building, at SW 4th and Hall, transitioned to Bell’s 1962 Fourth Avenue Building behind it.

pnb 1976 01

pnb 1976 02(University of Oregon Libraries)