Ross Island Bridge, 1926

Just an absolutely brilliant photo of the Ross Island Bridge under construction. The view is to the northeast as the main span girders are joined in the middle. Although it’s mystifyingly dated 1937 on the front, this is almost certainly 1926, as the bridge opened in December of that year. 

A2004-002.6387 Ross Island bridge 1926(City of Portland Archives)

Northwest Portland, 1928

This dapper gentleman struck a pose with his car in the Northwest industrial area of Portland in 1928. Although labeled as “NW 14th & Lovejoy,” this location could be open to debate. Is that a salesman’s sample case on the ground?

A2009-009.1204 Man Posing with Car NW 14th & Lovejoy 1928(City of Portland Archives)

E Burnside & SE 14th Avenue, 1929

Our Number Man probably indicates that an East Burnside street widening project is not too far in the future. The business names have changed at the intersection with SE 14th Avenue but the buildings remain intact today.

A2009-009.1076- E Burnside & 14th 1929(City of Portland Archives)

NE 82nd & Sandy, 1928

NE 82nd Avenue was little more than a rutted, single-lane path north of Sandy Blvd in 1928. A nice brick confectionery shop on the northeast corner and new construction on the northwest corner signaled future growth for the area. The patchwork paving on Sandy probably shows the dividing line between city property on the left and county property on the right.

A2009-009.715- NE Sandy & 82nd Ave 1928(City of Portland Archives)