Ross Island Bridge Approach, 1926

We get a double-dose of Ross Island Bridge goodness today. The top photo, with all the construction equipment, shows work crews grading and preparing to pave the west end bridge approach. The second photo, with the cars parked along SW Grover St., shows paving in that area complete, but with more work to be done before the bridge can open.

A2009-009.475 Construction of Ross Island Bridge Approaches 1925

A2009-009.476 Construction of Ross Island Bridge Approaches 1925(City of Portland Archives)

West Side Waterfront, 1924

The people enjoying our spectacular autumn weather along Tom McCall Waterfront Park would little recognize the same scene 90-some years ago. The dock at the foot of SW Jefferson Street then held barrels of tar for paving projects; the waterfront still has this physical configuration at the south end of the pavement and seawall. Riverplace Hotel and marina now replace Northwestern Electric’s Lincoln Plant in the distance.

A2009-009.1354 Dock at Municipal Paving Plant - foot of SW Jefferson St 1924(City of Portland Archives)