NW 10th Avenue Ramp, 1956

City crews work on the NW 10th Avenue ramp that lead from the old Lovejoy Street ramp down to street level. Both were removed in 1999 in a process that turned this former industrial/rail center into today’s Pearl District.

A1999-004.247 Lovejoy St Viaduct 10th southeast 1956(City of Portland Archives)

Broadway Building, 1914

The new Broadway Building on the northwest corner of SW Broadway and Morrison Street was highlighted in this full-page feature in The Oregonian, January 1, 1914. It’s now called the Pioneer Building. The “Gray’s” seen on the corner sign and in the windows refers to the former R.M. Gray men’s furnishings store from yesterday’s post, having moved here after completion of the building.

broadway building 1914(The Oregonian, from University of Oregon Libraries)

R.M. Gray, 1909

R.M. Gray was a men’s furnishings store at 273-275 Morrison Street in 1909. On the northeast corner of SW 4th and Morrison, the building is long gone, replaced by a full-block parking garage. Entering the street level shop where these doors once stood would lead you to some Buffalo Wild Wings today.

rm gray store 17933 1909(University of Oregon Libraries)

Southwest Waterfront, 1938

Today’s South Waterfront area is trendy and expensive. Three-quarters of a century ago it was a huge expanse of Portland’s industrial waterfront. Schnitzer and Zidell, still big names in Portland industry, both got their starts here. The battleship USS Oregon was on display just south of the Hawthorne Bridge.

A2010-001.131 Aerial of SW Waterfront 1938(City of Portland Archives)

E Burnside & 39th, 1937

It seems like very few of the street scenes we see here on Vintage Portland have wet, rainy streets. This is one of the exceptions, looking east on E Burnside at 39th Avenue on a dreary Winter day. While lush vegetation is one of the things that makes Portland so livable, it can make seeing some of these homes difficult today.

A2005-001.1027  E Burnside St looking east towards SE 39th Ave 1937(City of Portland Archives)

NW 6th Ave & Burnside, 1931

A terrific view south on NW 6th Avenue where it crosses the pre-widened West Burnside in 1931. Lots of great signage and advertising in this photo, too. Both the Commonwealth and Arata buildings can be seen in these earlier photos.

A1999-004.268 NW Burnside and 6th south  before widening 1931(City of Portland Archives)