World Trade Center 1 Construction, 1975

World Trade Center 1 is under construction between SW 1st and 2nd Avenues, Salmon and Taylor Streets. WTC3 is a little further along in its construction at far right and land is cleared to begin WTC2 beyond that. Under the billboard in the foreground sat the Old Main Tavern. It suffered a fire in October 1977 and the whole block would be demolished to be replaced by One Main Place.

Apparently the Old Main Tavern was quite a legendary watering hole. From The Oregonian, July 22, 1977, “…according to Old Main Tavern manager Mike Booth, a ghost which haunts the upstairs of the historic watering hole will have to float elsewhere after the 99-year-old building is razed. His establishment has been a tavern since 1927, he said, but at one time was a house of ill repute. According to legend, a woman was murdered there and her ghost still seeks the killer, opening locked doors and flinging pots and pans through the air.”

(City of Portland Archives)

SW 5th Avenue, 1949

This stretch of SW 5th Avenue is still amazingly intact since this photo was taken in 1949. Looking south, it was probably taken from the fire escape of the 1912 Meade Building on the northwest corner of SW 5th and Washington.

(City of Portland Archives)

Portland West Side Auto Camp, 1925

Auto camps were a form of early motel and were popular in the 1910s-1930s. Many camps offered cottages and tent camping facilities for early auto travelers. A 1949 article in The Oregonian describes the inadequate sewage facilities of this camp and gives the address as 6259 SW Capitol Highway, which puts it in Hillsdale, right at Capitol and Sunset Blvd.

(City of Portland Archives)

South Portland Aerial, 1935

Lots of terrific detail in this 1935 aerial view of the South Portland neighborhood. Another generation would go by before this area was leveled for the South Auditorium Urban Renewal Project of the early 1960s. Contrast this intact neighborhood with the 1964 view.

(City of Portland Archives)

Up to Date Dye Works, c1907

Sam Carnes (standing on the right in the group on the sidewalk) owned the Up To Date Dye Works and cleaning and pressing business at 587 Union Ave. That address was the second door north of N. Graham Street on the west side of Union (MLK today) but the building pictured here is long gone. Sam’s daughter Iniece Grover says, “When he started the business in 1907 dry cleaning was just getting started.  He thought it would a good business to get involved with. The equipment was primitive (no electricity). In about 1912 he purchased “modern equipment” including electric irons (before heated on a stove) and machinery run by electric motors.”

If anyone has photos of that area, around that time frame, let me know; Iniece would be glad to see them. Fabulous photo, Iniece, thanks!

(Iniece Grover)

SW 3rd & Ankeny, c1927

We’ve seen this building before, from almost the same angle. This one, taken about a year earlier, shows it without all the street construction debris we saw in the earlier photo.

(City of Portland Archives)