SW 6th Ave & Washington, 1946

This is a nicely detailed photo from 1946 looking north on SW 6th Avenue from Washington Street. Lots of terrific signage in this shot, including the highway directional signs. The only thing left standing today is that tiny sliver of a building seen to the far left edge.

(City of Portland Archives)

NW 27th & Wilson, 1980

The area west of NW 27th 26th Avenue on Wilson Street looks only slightly less industrial today with the addition of some street side trees. Montgomery Ward is now Montgomery Park and much of the old American Can complex on the right has been converted to a parking garage. Long-disused railroad tracks still run down the street, a chain-link fence still borders the sidewalk and it looks like the same old classic railroad crossing sign is still in the same spot.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

Henry Corbett House, c1910

After yesterday’s post, I’m going to agree with Edmund’s determination that this was the Henry Jagger Corbett house on SW Park and Main. We had earlier seen this house as the Henry Ladd Corbett house, so the middle name is still a question. Roxanne sent in today’s photo as corroborating evidence. Yesterday’s photo would be looking southeast at the back of the home. Today’s photo shows it looking southwest with the Park Avenue front of the home on the left. The Elliot R. Corbett house shared the same block. Thanks again, Roxanne, and to Edmund for the positive ID. One more mystery solved!

(Roxanne Cummings)

A Typical Residence, c1909

VP fan and past contributor Roxanne has sent in this beautifully rendered but optimistically titled postcard showing a “typical residence” in Portland circa 1909. Roxanne is trying to find the present (but probably past) location of this home. Some websites place this on the Corbett property at SW Park and Main Street but we’ve seen both homes on that block, neither of which match this home. Does anyone have any correct information on this location? Thanks for sending this, Roxanne.

(Roxanne Cummings)

Duniway Park, 1957

It appeared to be a soggy winter day when this photo overlooking Duniway Park was taken. The view is northeast with SW 4th Avenue and Sheridan Streets just past the park. In just a few years everything east of 4th would come down for urban renewal and I-405 would slice through the neighborhood just a couple blocks north of Sheridan; that big white house location just past the intersection is probably right in the middle of I-405 now.


SW 6th Avenue, 1941

“If it’s December 1941 in Casablanca, what time is it in New York? I bet they’re asleep in New York. I bet they’re asleep all over America.” -Rick Blaine, Casablanca

The date on this photo of SW 6th Avenue looking north from Oak Street is circa 1941. Christmas decorations date this to possibly December; it could have been taken just about the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

(City of Portland Archives)

Apartment Building, c1930 – Help Us Out!

The VP community is still seeking the locations of last week’s store photos. The post has generated record numbers of comments and the conversation is still ongoing. I’m confident that someone will find answers eventually.

This week’s may be just as difficult. There isn’t much to go on except the end of a brick apartment building, circa 1930. There are some distinctive decorative details that might help someone zero in on this, if it’s still standing.

Found: 2151 NW Johnson St.

(City of Portland Archives)