Fox & Music Box Theaters, 1991

Nike Town was the new kid on the (next) block in 1991 while the Fox Theater and Music Box Theater had just a few years left before the wrecking ball came. An earlier view of the theaters, on SW Broadway and Yamhill, can be seen here. Thanks to VP fan Andy Davies for sending in this photo; great shadow lighting through the Fox sign.

(Andy Davies)

SW 3rd & Salmon, 1993

The “Just Us” restaurant and tavern, in this small building at SW 3rd & Salmon, was probably a hangout for the area’s legal professionals before this block was torn down for the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse. It was flanked by the Geneva Hotel and Hamilton Hotel. This view is to the southeast.

(Library of Congress)

Hamilton Hotel, 1993

The Hamilton Hotel opened in 1913 as the Venable Hotel and was located on SW 3rd Avenue and Main Street. It was demolished shortly after this photo and replaced by the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse. It can be seen in the background of this 1935 photo.

(Library of Congress)