Fairmount Hotel Postcard Back, c1910

Tuesday’s postcard that we identified as the Fairmount Hotel at NW Vaughn & 26th created a bit of doubt about it actually being the Fairmount. Shown here is the back of the same postcard. It does not prove anything other than that the writer thought it was the Fairmount, but here it is anyway.

fairmount hotel back c1910(Bud Holland)

Fairmount Hotel, c1910

Seeing the 1951 version of the Leonard Apartments (Fairmount Hotel building) last week, VP Fan Bud Holland dug through his archives and found this great circa 1910 postcard of the original Fairmount Hotel. There have been quite a few architectural changes since then, including extending the second floor rooms to the porch roof edge to provide more interior square footage. Thanks again Bud!

Update: This is probably not the Fairmount Hotel building. See the comments and discussion here. We’ll put this one in the Mystery Location category.

fairmount hotel c1910(Bud Holland)

A Typical Residence, c1909

VP fan and past contributor Roxanne has sent in this beautifully rendered but optimistically titled postcard showing a “typical residence” in Portland circa 1909. Roxanne is trying to find the present (but probably past) location of this home. Some websites place this on the Corbett property at SW Park and Main Street but we’ve seen both homes on that block, neither of which match this home. Does anyone have any correct information on this location? Thanks for sending this, Roxanne.

(Roxanne Cummings)

SW Broadway, 1950s

Thanks to VP fan Ryan for sending this super color postcard showing a rainy night on SW Broadway in the 1950s. This view is south from Washington Street and while the signage has changed drastically, the buildings on the west side are all pretty much intact today.


SW 6th Avenue, c1960

This bright, full-color postcard looks north on SW 6th Avenue with SW Taylor as the cross street. A lack of sidewalk-planted trees gives a clear view well past Burnside. Thanks to VP fan Ryan for sending this in.


Union Depot, 1905

Some things change very little over the years. Union Depot, now Union Station, looks today much the same as it did in this 1905 photo. The biggest difference is that the people seen here would now be standing under a pedestrian bridge over the tracks.

(City of Portland Archives)

Lents, 1910

Portland’s Lents neighborhood was originally the town of Lent, platted in 1892. Hard to say exactly where this site is today, but the original town was bounded by SE Foster Rd. and Duke Street between SE 92nd and 97th Avenues.

(City of Portland Archives)