Armistice Day Parade, 1919

VP fan Scott Blyth sent in this great photo of Portland’s 1919 Armistice Day parade. “My paternal grandfather Reginald Arthur Blyth was heading up the Canadian contingent and is marching with his officer’s cane directed towards the ground.” The parade is heading east on SW Alder at Park Avenue; both the 1908 Cornelius Hotel and the 1912 Woodlark Building in the background are still there. Thanks again, Scott!

Update: This is actually the Rose Festival Military and Naval Parade, held on June 12, 1919. See the comments for more information.

armisticedaypdx1919(Scott Blyth)

Multnomah County Courthouse, c1900

The 1864 Multnomah County Courthouse is shown here probably around the turn of the 20th century. The dome towered over the city at 106 feet tall. It was demolished in 1910 as the new and extant courthouse was built on the same site. This photo looks northwest at the corner of SW 4th and Main Street.

multnomah county courthouse 21292(University of Oregon Libraries)

NW Lovejoy Ramp, 1939

The NW Lovejoy ramp once met the west end of the Broadway Bridge and then came down to grade level at NW 14th Avenue. The ramp, here looking east, and most of what we see in this 1939 photo, is gone, replaced by Pearl District development. A bit of Union Station, featured yesterday, can be seen at the extreme upper edge.

A2005-001.391 NW Lovejoy Ramp and 10th Ave east 1939(City of Portland Archives)

Union Station, 1918

Portland’s impressive Union Station is shown here in 1918, 22 years after its 1896 opening. The building itself has remained remarkably unchanged in 117 years but the forecourt, parking and roadways have changed many times over the years. The “Union Station” and “Go By Train” signs at the top of the clock tower were not installed until 1948.

A2004-002.571 Union Train Station 1918(City of Portland Archives)

W Burnside & 20th, 1967

So much is the same and yet so much has changed in the last 46 years. This stretch of W. Burnside from about 20th Avenue looking west has mostly the same buildings as in 1967 but the signs and businesses have changed extensively. And you wouldn’t want to try to park along here anytime of the day or night now.

W Burnside and 20th Ave looking west 1967(City of Portland Archives)

NE Broadway & 11th, 1929

Another man holding another number. Perhaps this was to document the sad state of repairs of the curb and street paving along NE Broadway at 11th Avenue in 1929. The East Side Franklin Authorized Service Station referred to the Franklin automobile, manufactured between 1902 and 1934.

A2009-009.3272 Building 1105 NE Broadway 1929(City of Portland Archives)

City Annexation Map, 1915

This map shows the territorial expansion of Portland through annexation over the years, from the original 1851 incorporation through 1915 when this map was produced. A quick modern-day map overlay shows the boundaries were roughly Lombard Street Columbia Blvd. in the north, 82nd Avenue in the east and Sellwood in the south at that time.

Map Illustrating Territorial Expansion of Portland 1915 3k(City of Portland Archives)