SW 6th Avenue, c1939

A very active street scene looking south on SW 6th Avenue from Stark Street. The old Oregonian building at Alder is visible on the right side of the street, as is the Portland Hotel two blocks down from there. We saw a scene very similar to this one a while ago, taken from Oak Street. The movie “Shanghai” is playing at the theater on the left in both photos; these two photos could have been taken on the same day. “Shanghai” is a 1935 movie so the 1939 date may not be accurate.

(City of Portland Archives)

SW 6th Avenue, c1960

This bright, full-color postcard looks north on SW 6th Avenue with SW Taylor as the cross street. A lack of sidewalk-planted trees gives a clear view well past Burnside. Thanks to VP fan Ryan for sending this in.


Biplanes Over Portland, 1920

I don’t know why the artist felt the need to place dozens of biplanes in the skies over Portland but the planes give a rather dramatic, yet whimsical, perspective to the downtown core area of 1920.

(Library of Congress)

SW 6th Avenue, 1952

Much has changed since 1952 when this photographer looked south on SW 6th Avenue between Morrison and Yamhill. The Portland Hotel was sited on our immediate right from 1890 until 1951. The parking structure shown here covered the block for the next three decades until it was torn down to build Pioneer Courthouse Square.

(City of Portland Archives)