John’s Landing Area, 1975

Construction of apartments and condominiums along the Willamette river in 1975 signal a shift away from the waterfront being an industrial environment to residential and commercial. John’s Landing refers to the B.P. John Furniture Company, some of whose buildings are still standing in the area. SW Macadam Ave. and SW Pendleton St. cross here.

Aerial Johns Landing area east 1975(City of Portland Archives)

Steel Bridge, c1890

A very nicely detailed photo of the first Steel Bridge, circa 1890. The east end, shown here, was at the foot of Holladay street. It spanned the river and met the west shore near the south end of what is now the McCormick Pier Condominiums.

(City of Portland Archives)

Downtown Core Area, 1963

This 1963 aerial photo of the downtown core area shows quite a few buildings we’ve spotlighted here on Vintage Portland. Madison Park Apartments, Ahavai Sholom Synagogue, Cole McElroy’s Spanish Ball Room, the view from City Hall, and Victorian homes along SW Broadway are but just a few. One intriguing remnant is in the lower left corner, the building on SW Clay between SW Park and 10th, the only building remaining on the block. Any idea what that was?

(City of Portland Archives)

NW Industrial District, c1929

An interesting aerial view of the Northwest Industrial District showing proposed routes of NW Front and Yeon Avenues. At this time Front stopped at Nicolai Street (lower left corner) and Yeon had not yet been built. Yeon would meet St. Helens Road at the foot of Forest Park.

(City of Portland Archives)

St. Louis Hotel, c1930

The City of Portland Archives sends along this photo of the ramshackle St. Louis Hotel circa 1930. Its location is unknown but I’m sure someone in the VP community can track this down. There’s not much to go on so you’ll have to use all the tools in your kit. Good luck!

Found: NW 2nd Ave. & Everett St.

(City of Portland Archives)

Speedball Cafe, 1939

City workers repair the curbing in front of the Speedball Cafe at West Burnside and NW 19th Ave in 1939. NW 19th was obviously a two-way street at the time and it looks like it also carried the Willamette Heights streetcar line.

(City of Portland Archives)