E Burnside, 12th Avenue & Sandy, 1941

In this view of East Burnside where it intersects with 12th Avenue and Sandy, traffic seems to be moving in an orderly manner, perhaps aided by a traffic officer directing from the island in the middle of it all? The Tik-Tok Drive-In was going strong in 1941, seen just beyond the movie poster for “Rage in Heaven” starring Robert Montgomery and Ingred Bergman.

A2005-001.114 E Burnside Sandy and 12th east 1941(City of Portland Archives)

Forestry Building, 1905

The immense Forestry Building is shown in 1905 during the Lewis & Clark Centennial Exposition, for which it was built. This view is likely due west; stand at the driveway to Old Forestry Commons on NW Upshur Street to be in roughly the same spot today.

A2004-002.2 Forestry Building during the Lewis and Clark Exposition 1905(City of Portland Archives)

NE Russell & Union, 1937

That building on the east side of NE Union Avenue at the end of Russell Street today is a blank wall of sheet metal paneling; this 1937 photo shows the storefronts underneath the paneling. The old grocery/soda fountain on the right is also a nondescript commercial building today. The corner doesn’t have as much character as it once did.

A2005-001.534  NE Russell St looking east 1937(City of Portland Archives)

SE 82nd & Powell, 1937

It appears the Anderson’s Food Market staff is cleaning sidewalks and stocking produce for another business day at SE 82nd & Powell in 1939 1937. Parking a delivery truck at the curb in those days didn’t seem to be a traffic problem like it would today. We’re looking south on 82nd here.

NOTE: Other photos of this area indicate this dates to 1937, not 1939.

A2005-001.511 SE Powell and 82nd south 1939(City of Portland Archives)

Ainsworth Block Demolition, 1955

When we last visited the 1881 Ainsworth Block it was enjoying its final intact days. In this photo shortly after demolition began in 1955, the third floor had already been removed and the second floor was not far behind. The site of one of Portland’s grandest cast-iron structures is still a surface parking lot at SW 3rd and Oak.

ainsworth block 4118 1955(University of Oregon Libraries)

E Burnside & 12th, 1937

This 1937 photo is a little different perspective on the E. Burnside, NE Sandy and 12th intersection seen on this site a number of times. Today we’re looking northwest from just east of 13th Avenue on Burnside with NE Sandy Blvd. cutting between the Standard and Richfield service stations. Cars are lined up for the light at 12th. You can see an aerial view of the same intersection here with the Standard station in the upper left.

(City of Portland Archives)