Fire Drill Tower Construction, 1935

Construction of the fire drill tower began in 1935. In this image we see the beginning stages. The tower is located at SE Milwaukie Ave. and SE Powel Blvd. You can see part of the completed tower in the previous post about the vehicle inspection station on SE Powell and Milwaukie.


Fire Drill Tower Construction, June 6, 1935 : A2009-009.2823

Fire Drill Tower Construction, June 6, 1935 : A2009-009.2823


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Creston Park, 1935

If you couldn’t be in the Creston Park swimming pool on this nice August day in 1935, seeking shade under a tree was an alternative way to stay cool. This view is roughly northeast; Creston School was on the south side of Powell Blvd, at about 47th Avenue.

A2009-009.1231 Creston Park 1935(City of Portland Archives)

Questionable Location, c1932

This circa 1932 photo is labeled as “SE 50th, Foster & Powell” but it doesn’t seem to match any previous photos we’ve seen of that location. We need some VP sleuths to confirm this location or to identify the real location. Good luck!

Update: This location is correct. The view is looking west on SE Powell with 50th (and the Foster Road trolley tracks) crossing in front of us. Trees up ahead indicate Creston Park. Good work everyone!

A2009-009.900 SE 50th, Foster & Powell c1932(City of Portland Archives)

SE Milwaukie & Powell, 1939

A terrific 1939 photo of a city vehicle inspection station at the northeast corner of SE Milwaukie Avenue & Powell Blvd. Incredibly, the building and all the other major buildings visible are still with us today, although the church is now without its steeple.

A2009-009.910 SE Powell & Milwaukie 1939(City of Portland Archives)

SE Milwaukie Avenue, c1930

We’re looking south down SE Milwaukie Avenue just south of Powell Blvd in this circa 1930 photo. The Sellwood Line streetcar rails split the street and Geller’s Theater, now known as the Aladdin Theater, is on the right.

A2009-009.901 SE Milwaukie near Powell Blvd 1932(City of Portland Archives)