Image Use and Rights

Source information is found beneath each image. The majority of images used on the site come from the Portland Archives and Records Center. For images cited as PARC, there is no usage fee for the images but we do require appropriate citation information. Please refer the City of Portland Archives page for information on citation.

Images from other sources/archives may have different requirements for the usage of their images, including citation information and usage fees. Please contact the photo source before using any images that do not belong to the City of Portland.

For questions about citations email


Other sources include:

University of Oregon Libraries
Bud Holland
The Oregonian
National Archives

6 thoughts on “Image Use and Rights

  1. I love Portland, new and old, but I especially love seeing pictures (correctly identified as to place) of old Portland. I hope you would make known that all Multnomah County residents are eligible to see the wonderful exhibits at the Oregon Historical Society FREE. Obviously donations and memberships are more than welcome, but that does not preclude anyone from enjoying and learning from the fantastic displays. The Oregon Black Pioneers just hosted a segment of their history, primarily in Portland, of the 40’s and 50’s, which included the Vanport flood. Vintage Portland is a great view into the past and it is so much fun to spot places. You do a good job. Keep it up.

  2. Does anyone have any idea what the following message means which is precluding the downloading of efiles? ErrorCode: TrimException
    Message:Error connecting to the HPE Content Manager dataset ‘EF’ on HPE Content Manager Workgroup Server ‘CATRIMWG2’. Cannot connect to HPE Content Manager Workgroup Server on ‘CATRIMWG2’. [RCF: Remote call timeout exceeded. No response from peer.]
    I’ve never had any problems in all the years I’ve used vintage portland or downloading efiles until the last 2 pictures. I’ve tried a couple different browsers and that doesn’t appear to be the issue.

  3. I was born in 1944 and we lived in University Homes at that time . I have just a few personal photos taken at that place…SO happy to find the photos on here. I was trying to tell my son about University homes . Now I can show him these photos…Thanks!

  4. Do you have any photos of when the sewer system was installed in SW Portland, specifically the Hillsdale area?

  5. Does anyone remember a bar named “The Castaways”. This would be in the 1970’s. Also, might anyone remember a chef named Al Marino. This goes back quite a ways, but would really like to get information around those times.

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