Oriental Theater, 1941

The Army Air Corp Revue posed outside the Oriental Theater on SE Grand Avenue in 1941. The theater was noted for its intricate and elaborate design elements with heavy Asian influence, as well as superior sound and an early use of neon signs. It was demolished in 1970 and the site remains a surface parking lot today.

oriental theater LOC 1941(Library of Congress)

Westside Seawall Construction, 1928

Construction of the westside seawall and sewer continues in this 1928 photo. All this activity is taking place between the Burnside (behind) and Morrison Bridges, with the Hawthorne Bridge even farther to the south. The building at right is the 1882 Starr block, on Pine Street, demolished in 1942.

A1999-004.92 Front Ave Sewer  view of waterfront sewer 1928(City of Portland Archives)

SW 2nd & Market, c1965

These two old rooming houses seem isolated and perhaps even in an industrial area. The truth is, however, that the shadow falling from the left side of the top image is the old Municipal Auditorium and we’re looking northeast at SW 2nd & Market Street. The land behind the photographer had been cleared for South Auditorium Urban Renewal. The area can be seen quite clearly in this earlier VP aerial photo. Thanks again to John for another great photo.



Shoe Shop, c1931 – Help Us Out!

One would presume that this fellow is F.L. Carlo himself, proprietor of the F.L Carlo Shoe Shop. The location of the circa 1931 photo shoot has been lost, which gives the crack VP community another mystery to solve. The photo was probably taken by the same itinerant photographer who captured a number of other shop owners featured here before. Note that this time he’s captured his own image in the window!

A2008-001.34 Exterior view of F.L. Carlo Shoe Shop 1931(City of Portland Archives)

St. Mary’s Academy, c1965

The old St. Mary’s Academy looms over the corner of SW 5th and Mill Street in this tremendous photo sent by VP fan John. The building was constructed in 1889 and demolished in the early 1970s. I’ve found good, clear pictures of the school hard to come by, so this is a welcome addition. John has sent in more of his father’s images of this era so look for them in the coming weeks.

About 1965 St Marys Academy School Building 5th and Mill Looking North Portland by Dad(John)

Westside Flood Waters, 1948

The Spring flood of 1948 didn’t seem to affect the area near the west end of the Sellwood Bridge much. The Staff Jennings boat sales building seems to have some water infiltration but most developed areas here are above the water line.

A1999-004.1103 Aerial view flood waters  west side Sellwood Bridge 1948(City of Portland Archives)

Unidentified House, 1967 – Help Us Out!

Here’s one more unknown location from the City of Portland Archives. Photographed in 1967, it’s a pretty house and would look right at home in Eastmoreland or Alameda. Can this be pinpointed? Good luck.

Found: 2732 N.E. Thompson St.

1967 July 20_Unidentified house_A2012-005(City of Portland Archives)