SW 5th Avenue, 1950

We’ve seen this view before, in a photo taken eight years later from the same vantage point atop City Hall. This photo show more of the surrounding buildings in this view north up 5th Avenue. Many buildings are familiar today but a few (Congress Hotel and Cole McElroy’s Ballroom for two) met their fates many years ago.

A2005-001.906  SW 5th Ave looking north toward Main St 1950(City of Portland Archives)

SW 6th & Yamhill, 1952

Shoppers and local office workers walk south on SW 6th Avenue from Morrison to Yamhill Street in this 1952 photo. The parking lot would have been brand new, having just replaced the Portland Hotel on this block.

(City of Portland Archives)

SW 6th Avenue, c1960

This bright, full-color postcard looks north on SW 6th Avenue with SW Taylor as the cross street. A lack of sidewalk-planted trees gives a clear view well past Burnside. Thanks to VP fan Ryan for sending this in.


Biplanes Over Portland, 1920

I don’t know why the artist felt the need to place dozens of biplanes in the skies over Portland but the planes give a rather dramatic, yet whimsical, perspective to the downtown core area of 1920.

(Library of Congress)

SW Morrison & 5th, 1907

The heart of downtown Portland is shown in this nice 1907 image; SW 5th Avenue crosses in the foreground as we look west on Morrison Street. Even though all the buildings except the Pioneer Courthouse on the left have been replaced, it’s a pretty recognizable scene even today. And as we’ve seen a number of times, today’s MAX Light Rail cars now rumble over some of the same routes that early streetcars did over a hundred years ago.

(City of Portland Archives)

SW 6th & Yamhill, c1915

Bud Holland sent in another beauty to start our new year. This view is north up SW 6th Avenue at Yamhill Street circa 1915. The Portland Hotel is on the left. A 1906 advertising illustration presents nearly the identical view in which a bit of artistic license was taken in regards to the placement of the Commonwealth Building at the far end of 6th Ave. Thanks once again, Bud!

(Bud Holland)