SW Montgomery Dr & Vista, 1932

Hard to believe that somebody would build on the the lot on this corner due to the steepness of the slope. It would take almost a half-century but a single family home sits on the SW Montgomery Drive site just below where it meets SW Vista (beyond railing at top). It looks like Montgomery was getting the forms removed from its first paving job.

A1999-004.481 Corner of SW Montgomery Dr and SW Vista Ave 1932(City of Portland Archives)

11 thoughts on “SW Montgomery Dr & Vista, 1932

  1. Rode my bike home this way the end of most everyday from PSU for four years in the late 70s/early 80s.

  2. I love the little warning lanterns. Just a reminder of how labor intensive small tasks were…Somebody had to keep those things filled with kerosene and make sure they were lit every day.
    I have always loved this area of Portland. Nice to know now when some of this work was done.

  3. Why do we care if this was reblogged? Is it a law that you have to disclose when you do that? Just curious.

  4. Dave – There’s probably a switch somewhere that I can turn those off. I just needed some urging to look for it apparently. Thanks!

  5. Personally, I would not want to be in that house, in the event of “The Big One” that geologists are expecting eventually. Thanks for posting the link Greg Dunbar, I would have had to go and check, but your link made it easy.

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