NE Portland Aerial, 1947

This 1947 aerial photo covers a lot of area of Northeast Portland. From Burnside at the bottom, the view stretches out past Alameda Ridge in the distance. There’s some pretty good detail in the foreground, including Buckman Field Park, Benson Polytechnic High, Sullivan’s Gulch and the site of the future Lloyd Center.

A2005-005.1479.11 Aerial Buckman Park Field NE 12th and Sandy 1947(City of Portland Archives)

11 thoughts on “NE Portland Aerial, 1947

  1. Almost to my building on the east. Drat. I still like this photo a whole lot. One of these days an aerial will show where I live, I just know it!

  2. That’s quite a house across from Benson where the Car lot is now. And what’s the building across the gulch and to the left?

  3. This picture looked familiar so I searched the website and found what appears to be the same picture taken in 1938. The 1938 picture is cropped and slighted magnified. Please correct me if I’m wrong. On another note I went to Benson so these are great pictures from the past.

  4. One additional note: the last comment for the 1938 picture indicated the picture date of 1938 maybe wrong since a building in the picture wasn’t build until 1941.

  5. I bet Roxanne likes this pic. It’s a goodie. I am guilty of sharing it on FB. Regulars, please feel free to contact or add me on FB. Have a good weekend.

  6. I ‘ve wondered about that large white building across from Benson myself. It’s not a home. There are warehouse doors on the front. I think it was torn down when they widened Sullivans gulch for the freeway. It’s gone in later pictures. Anyone know what it was?

  7. From Benson Tech, cross the 12th Avenue viaduct toward Holladay Park, but bear right. There’s a hole in the ground where Lloyd had intended to build a luxury hotel with a direct connection to a train station in the Gulch.

    Bob Zimmerman, founding conductor of Portland Symphonic Choir in 1945, was inspired by the above excavation to turn it into an amphitheater for summer productions of light opera, which became the Holladay Bowl. The bleachers and revolving stage were built in 1951 with singers’ labor plus a major loan backed by the Choir’s board members. They did 4 productions for each of 4 summers, before calling it quits, June and July evenings being too chilly to attract full houses.

    The Bowl is now under the Lloyd Cinemas parking lot.

  8. Great photo, great site!
    found you while trying to id a beat up old souvenir matchbook/sewing kit that i found at Goodwill Bins awhile ago. can’t quite make out the address, and the front is torn off, but what i can read looks like “225 N.E. (20? 30? 60? 80?)th Ave. Portland, Ore” and predates zip code.

    like i said, it is really beat up… why did i feel a need to rescue it? well, it was very carefully placed in a tiny manila envelope that was very carefully reinforced at the seam with masking tape, and the whole thing somehow reminded me of somehting my grandpa would have done. im sentimental *sigh*… and besides, i love trying to unravel life’s good little mysteries…
    the photo in this post is the closest I’ve come to seeing that old neighborhood so far, tho still too far off to make anything out.

    so, any of you wonderful photo history sleuths have any idea- or better, a pic- of the hotel that once occupied a street corner somewhere in that vicinity? sure would be nifty to have a bit of the story behind this sad little matchbook that obviously once meant something very special to someone

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