SE Powell & 39th, 1937

You had your choice of Texaco or Standard gas if you were motoring east on SE Powell at 39th Avenue in 1937. And that’s just on the south side of Powell. Previous views of this corner have shown that all four corners held gas stations at that time.

A2005-001.518  SE Powell Blvd and 39th Ave looking east on Powell Blvd 1937(City of Portland Archives)

NE Ainsworth & Union, 1937

We’ve seen this intersection before but this view looks west on NE Ainsworth where NE Union passes through. Both the Texaco and the 76 gas stations are long gone but the house on the north side of Ainsworth is still there. The lad on the bicycle, just barely captured for posterity, may still be with us, too.

A2005-001.4 NE Ainsworth at Union looking west 1937(City of Portland Archives)

SE Holgate & 17th, 1962

The Semaphore Restaurant is still on the corner of SE Holgate at 17th almost 50 years later, but you’ll not find gas for 24.9 cents a gallon at the Texaco station across the street any more. This 1962 view is east on Holgate.

(City of Portland Archives)

SE Stark & 28th, 1937

Incredibly, both the Texaco and the Firestone buildings still stand on the southeast corner of SE Stark & 28th, although one is now a coffee shop, the other a quickie mart. The large building looming in the distance is the Sisters of Mercy Home for the Aged, now Laurelhurst Village.

(City of Portland Archives)