W Burnside Street, 1967

W Burnside Street looking east from NW 23rd Avenue and SW Vista Avenue, April 6, 1967.


Looking east from W Burnside towards SW Vista Avenue, April 6, 1967: A2001-007.666

Looking east on W Burnside St.  from NW 23rd Ave. and SW Vista Ave., April 6, 1967: A2001-007.666

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Vista Avenue Viaduct, 1930

Oregon is home to many archives, most rich with collections documenting Oregon’s history. In order to highlight some of these collections containing Portland-area images, Vintage Portland has invited photo submissions from other archives within the region. Today’s photo and text is provided by the Multnomah County Archives.

This 1930 photograph from the Multnomah County Road Services Project Records shows a bus heading west on the recently paved Canyon Road toward the Vista Avenue Viaduct.


A bus heading west on the recently paved Canyon Road toward the Vista Avenue Viaduct, 1930

A bus heading west on the recently paved Canyon Road toward the Vista Avenue Viaduct, 1930


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SW Montgomery Dr & Vista, 1932

Hard to believe that somebody would build on the the lot on this corner due to the steepness of the slope. It would take almost a half-century but a single family home sits on the SW Montgomery Drive site just below where it meets SW Vista (beyond railing at top). It looks like Montgomery was getting the forms removed from its first paving job.

A1999-004.481 Corner of SW Montgomery Dr and SW Vista Ave 1932(City of Portland Archives)

Emil Schacht House, c1910

The 1898 home of prominent Portland architect Emil Schacht is the only example of the Shingle Style in Portland’s King’s Hill neighborhood. Shown here circa 1910, it still stands at 733 SW Vista Avenue, just south of Burnside.

emil schacht house 733 vista 20769 c1910(University of Oregon Libraries)

C.M. Forbes Home, 1892

“They don’t make them like this any more” is certainly true of the C. M. Forbes home. This fantastically ornate home was build circa 1887 on the northwest corner of SW Vista Avenue and Park Place. Date of demolition is unknown but the high-rise now on that property was built in 1960.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

SW Vista Avenue, 1965

As summer-like weather holds on to Portland for a few more days, it’s forever Summer 1965 in this photo of two kids on skateboards shooting down SW Vista Avenue. Ivar Bohnsen ran the Portland Heights Grocery at Vista and Spring (in the commercial building in the background) and built the Bohnsen Cottages in 1926. The cottages are virtually unchanged since they were built, and there are a few more trees along the street now but it’s an easily recognizable scene today.

(City of Portland Archives)