N Interstate Avenue, 1970

N Larrabee Avenue crossing over N Interstate Avenue, 1970. This aerial comes from a Model Cities Urban Renewal Program grouping. The program was conducted in inner North and Northeast neighborhoods with the goal of improving livability by creating or expanding green spaces and the rehabilitation of housing. If you look closely at the upper portion of the image, you can see evidence of early stage construction of a structure that now dominates this portion of the Albina area.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, Model Cities planning north and northeast aerials A2012-005, 1970.


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Chimney Park Incinerator, 1932

Blueprints for the original construction of the Chimney Park Incinerator, 1932. For more information about Chimney Park, click here.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, Chimney Park Incinerator, A2013-007, 1932.


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