SW 14th Avenue, 1892

Completed in 1872, this image shows the Jacob Kamm residence at its original location on SW 14th Avenue and SW Main Street, 1892. The structure was moved to make way for the construction of Lincoln High School and is now located at 1425 SW 20th Avenue.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2004-002.3180

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2004-002.3180


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14th and Broadway, circa 1929

Today we have a photograph from 1929. This image is looking east from 14th Ave on Broadway before the Broadway widening project. You can see Ziegler’s Drug Store and the MacMarr Store, which was a grocery store.

E 14th Street and Broadway, circa 1929 : A2009-009.822

E 14th Street and Broadway, circa 1929 : A2009-009.822

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NW Davis St. & 14th, 1917

A century ago, crossing NW 14th Avenue west on Davis Street would lead you to a row of residential homes and apartments. Today you’d take your life in your hands crossing an off-ramp from I-405 and then a fence would stop you from accessing what’s left of that block.

A2000-003.50 SE corner NW 14th Ave & NW Davis St. 1917(City of Portland Archives)

E Burnside & SE 14th Avenue, 1929

Our Number Man probably indicates that an East Burnside street widening project is not too far in the future. The business names have changed at the intersection with SE 14th Avenue but the buildings remain intact today.

A2009-009.1076- E Burnside & 14th 1929(City of Portland Archives)

Cotillion Hall, 1917

Cotillion Hall, on the southeast corner of West Burnside and 14th Avenue, has been the home to many forms of music since its 1914 opening. It’s better known today as the Crystal Ballroom, with Ringlers Pub, named for original owner Montrose Ringler, now replacing the garage on the ground floor. The exterior is virtually unchanged in almost a century.

A2000-003.40 survey 27 crystal ballroom 1917(City of Portland Archives)

W Burnside & 14th, 1917

This 1917 survey photo shows 505-511 Burnside which, before the city renumbering, puts this block on the north side of West Burnside between 14th and 15th Streets. This is directly across Burnside from the Carlton Hotel. The building in the distance is probably the North Pacific Dental College on the southwest corner of 15th and Couch.

survey 28 and 29 1917