219 N Cherry, 1957

There’s nothing particularly historic about this photo but it’s a classic mid-century American scene. If these two kids were standing here today, they’d be in their 60s and standing in the Rose Garden/Memorial Coliseum parking lot. Neither Cherry Street, nor Ross Avenue, just a house away to the right, exist today. This home had some nice stained glass and woodworking details to give it a little extra style.

A2001-004.94 219 N Cherry St 1957(City of Portland Archives)

11 thoughts on “219 N Cherry, 1957

  1. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened to this neighborhood if the Coliseum had not been built. I suspect I would have been radically altered anyway…

  2. There was a big debate about where to put the coliseum. Check Oregonian archives. South auditorium was one location considered. Rumor was that the powers that be wanted a ” White Corridor” from down town to Llloyd Center.

  3. I just think it’s cool that back in ’57, there was the colored boy, playing with the white boy. And it looks normal to them…. which I’m Sure was not actually the norm back in ’57. Just my observation.

  4. It was normal for me to play with black kids in 1957. Went to Holiday school which was predominately black. Never had a bit of problem in those days.

  5. This is just two buddies hanging out together on a sunny day. I grew up in NP and it never mattered to us whether the other guy was blue, green, yellow, red, black, white or purple. We just had fun climbing cherry trees, playing army in the cut, building rafts in the river or riding bikes as far as our legs could peddle. As long as we were home by dark the world was ours for fun and adventure.

  6. House looks like it had good bones and several unique and interesting little architectural flourishes, like those dormer windows that look like something from Dr. Strange’s “Sanctum Sanctorum”.

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