Questionable Location, c1932

This circa 1932 photo is labeled as “SE 50th, Foster & Powell” but it doesn’t seem to match any previous photos we’ve seen of that location. We need some VP sleuths to confirm this location or to identify the real location. Good luck!

Update: This location is correct. The view is looking west on SE Powell with 50th (and the Foster Road trolley tracks) crossing in front of us. Trees up ahead indicate Creston Park. Good work everyone!

A2009-009.900 SE 50th, Foster & Powell c1932(City of Portland Archives)

W Burnside & NW 9th, 1927

There’s been a Firestone shop on the north side of W Burnside between Park and 9th for decades. Although this building is gone, Firestone tires are still sold out of a smaller store and parking lot on the site. The Benson Garage sign partially visible on the far left is a still visible ghost sign on the neighboring building.

(City of Portland Archives)