918 N. Mississippi Avenue, 1932

It must be back-to-school time for Carl Opperman, standing in front of his grocery and confectionery shop at 918 N. Mississippi Avenue in 1932. Renumbered as 4236 N. Mississippi, that building now houses a laundromat on the southeast corner of Mississippi at Skidmore Street.

A2008-001.24 Carl Opperman Grocery 4236 N Mississippi Ave 1930(City of Portland Archives)

Minnesota Freeway Construction

I-5 through North Portland used to be called Minnesota Freeway much more often; the term has mostly fallen out of common use today. Remnants of North Minnesota Avenue are seen disappearing underneath the Going Street overpass in this 1963 photo. Skidmore Street is the east-west street just above the label on the photo.

(City of Portland Archives)