Portland and Vicinity, 1912

American Map and Reproducing Company’s Map of Portland and Vicinity from 1912. The map shows neighborhood/addition names, railroads, street car lines, parks and meadows, rivers, creeks, lakes, and city limits.


City of Portland Archives, Map of Portland and Vicinity, A2011-007, 1912

City of Portland Archives, Map of Portland and Vicinity, A2011-007, 1912


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Park and Civic Center Proposal, 1932

This 1932 proposal for a Memorial Park and Civic Center never made it past the model stage. This image (west is up) shows the Portland Heights neighborhood at top right and veteran’s hospital complex at left bottom. Note that the path of the proposed Foothill Boulevard at right closely matches the path of today’s Foothill Freeway (I-405) which wouldn’t appear for another 30 years.

A2009-009.1532 memorial park civic center 1932(City of Portland Archives)

Portland Heights Real Estate Ad, 1907

We’ve seen this Portland Heights illustration before but this version is without the folds shown in the previous one. It also presents it in context of the full-page D.E. Keasey & Co. real estate ad in 1907. $550 gave you your choice of 50 lots at the time.

de keasey real estate 1907(The Oregonian. Retrieved from http://infoweb.newsbank.com)

City Annexation Map, 1915

This map shows the territorial expansion of Portland through annexation over the years, from the original 1851 incorporation through 1915 when this map was produced. A quick modern-day map overlay shows the boundaries were roughly Lombard Street Columbia Blvd. in the north, 82nd Avenue in the east and Sellwood in the south at that time.

Map Illustrating Territorial Expansion of Portland 1915 3k(City of Portland Archives)

NW Portland Aerial View, 1951

Wrapping up the week and the last two days’ posts of the Guild’s Lake Courts with this fine overhead view of NW Portland from 1951. The entire Guild’s Lake wartime housing complex can be seen in the photo center. Many other landmarks are visible including the old Vaughn Street ballpark. It appears that this photo was used for some preliminary sketches of a potential Fremont  Bridge and freeway access through Northwest.

A2010-002.614   Aerial photo map of NW Portland area 1951(City of Portland Archives)

Portland Heights Illustrated Brochure, 1904

The D.E. Keasey & Co. real estate people didn’t just put out the ad shown here a couple weeks ago. They also distributed this beautiful hand-drawn illustration of Portland Heights and surrounding areas. The great perspective shows Ford Street Bridge (Vista Avenue Viaduct) in the lower right all the way to Council Crest and Castle Point in the distance. Thanks to VP fan Scott Smith for providing this beauty. As always, click the image to zoom in on the detailed goodness.

(Scott Smith)