Park and Civic Center Proposal, 1932

This 1932 proposal for a Memorial Park and Civic Center never made it past the model stage. This image (west is up) shows the Portland Heights neighborhood at top right and veteran’s hospital complex at left bottom. Note that the path of the proposed Foothill Boulevard at right closely matches the path of today’s Foothill Freeway (I-405) which wouldn’t appear for another 30 years.

A2009-009.1532 memorial park civic center 1932(City of Portland Archives)

2 thoughts on “Park and Civic Center Proposal, 1932

  1. It appears that this plan also incorporated the tunnel(s) under the west hills that business groups had been lobbying for for years. The entry for one is visible at the west end of Marquam Gulch.

  2. There are some damn ugly houses up on Robinson’s Hill now… but they are all better than this Speer-like nightmare. Plus, they woulda torn down my house to make what looks like a restroom!

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