Portland Aerial View, 1963

Here’s a pretty aerial view of Southwest and Southeast Portland along the Willamette in 1963. The Marquam Bridge was still under construction and both banks of the river were generally much more industrialized than they are now. Lots of good detail to soak up in this beauty.

A2004-001.1012 Marquam bridge under construction 1963(City of Portland Archives)

Emanuel Hospital, 1974

Another nice aerial view of North Portland’s Emanuel Hospital complex in 1974. This time we’re looking north; N. Kerby Avenue and Russell Street wrap around the hospital, while I-5 and a bit of its connection with the east end of the Fremont Bridge is on the left.

Aerial of Emanuel Hospital north 1974(City of Portland Archives)

Lombard St Pedestrian Overpass, 1965

A curious view of the N. Lombard Street pedestrian overpass over the southbound I-5 on-ramp in 1965. The houses on the bluff above (looking southwest) survived the freeway construction but were razed sometime later to make way for a Fred Meyer store.

A2005-001.384 N Lombard St pedestrian overpass 1965(City of Portland Archives)

Eastbank Freeway, 1964

It appears the Eastbank Freeway was nearing completion in May of 1964. A lot of nice detail in this photo, including the new Memorial Coliseum in the distance. This view is north from SW Morrison Street.

A2005-001.428 Minnesota Freeway from Morrison Bridge north 1964(City of Portland Archives)