E Burnside, 12th Avenue & Sandy, 1941

In this view of East Burnside where it intersects with 12th Avenue and Sandy, traffic seems to be moving in an orderly manner, perhaps aided by a traffic officer directing from the island in the middle of it all? The Tik-Tok Drive-In was going strong in 1941, seen just beyond the movie poster for “Rage in Heaven” starring Robert Montgomery and Ingred Bergman.

A2005-001.114 E Burnside Sandy and 12th east 1941(City of Portland Archives)

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  1. Jim, Look at this cool sign. Wish it were still here. Sandy it looks like it has always been a mess at this intersection. Debbie


  2. The Richfield Oil tower was one of a series of like structures that ran along the West Coast that served a dual purpose of advertising the gasoline & oil products as well as directional “guides ” for early airplanes flying contract U.S. Mail from San Diego to Seattle ( base of Boeing Airmail Services that eventually became United Airlines ). The Richfield Oil Co. sponsored the ” Richfield Reporter ” a nightly radio newscast @ 10:00 on KEX as I seem to recall . The towers were still prevalent in most cities well into the mid-1950’s .

  3. Did you ever notice that most pictures of this hodgepodge show very few if any pedestrians? It’s as if modern man knew not to walk or ride a bicycle through this area.

    I did like the shakes at the tik-tok

  4. The funny thing is, the Google map view of this intersection is nothing like it actually looks like now. The biggest change: there’s a huge building taking up the entire block where the Tik Tok is in the pic above, and where the church parking lot is in the Google Maps pic.

  5. Re Joan Lyon & the “no stop sign”: The “STOP LINE” sign was for the traffic lights in the middle of the intersection. This would have been a REAL mess with just stop signs.

  6. It looks like the Olsen Storage bldg. in the picture is the same that now houses Public Storage at NE 16th and Sandy.

  7. I always loved this busy three-way intersection as a cognitive and driving skills test. Now, it’s been sanitized and it’s no longer a challenge.

  8. if only I could take a time machine and buy up all the cars in the lot there. I would keep a few and make a fortune on the rest!

  9. Can anyone tell me if the “Yaws” restaurant was around here? I thought I remembered that it was in the ’60 when we were “cruising” as teenagers, it was where we went a lot.

  10. No. This is the TIC TOK drive here on 12th. Yaws was east and to north of Sandy on 40 th & Tillamook. The other big drive ins were Specks on 50th & Powell and Waddles at Jantzen Beach. Even the tail end of the era was fun which I experienced, never likely to happen ever again.

  11. Scotty’s! Great hangout at the Sandy/Burnside/12th traffic nightmare fiasco in 50’s. Wasn’t it Portland’s first burger drive thru? Dick Novak DJd on KPOJ? And we called in to dedicate songs. Great place! Great memories!

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