SE 82nd Avenue, 1934

SE 82nd Avenue, between SE Clinton Street and SE Division Street, circa 1934.


SE 82nd between SE Clinton Street and SE Division Street, circa 1934: A2009-009.2138

SE 82nd between SE Clinton Street and SE Division Street, circa 1934: A2009-009.2138


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NE 82nd & Sandy, 1934

We’ve seen this view looking north on NE 82nd Avenue as it crosses Sandy back in 1928. This photo, taken from almost the exact same spot six years later, shows a much improved 82nd Avenue, but it looks like the paving ends a few blocks north, maybe at Prescott?

A2009-009.621 NE Sandy & 82nd Ave 1934(City of Portland Archives)

SE 82nd & Division, 1934

SE 82nd Avenue at Division Street was a bucolic two-lane road back in 1934. Just beyond the gas station is the long, low structure that housed the Mayfair Greens and Fairways golf center. Mayfair was not a full golf course but a driving range (with protective nets guarding 82nd Avenue) and putting greens that opened in 1932. The bottom photo looks south down 82nd.

A2009-009.2033 SE 82nd & Division 1934

A2009-009.2139 SE 82nd & Division 1934(City of Portland Archives)

NE 82nd & Sandy, 1928

NE 82nd Avenue was little more than a rutted, single-lane path north of Sandy Blvd in 1928. A nice brick confectionery shop on the northeast corner and new construction on the northwest corner signaled future growth for the area. The patchwork paving on Sandy probably shows the dividing line between city property on the left and county property on the right.

A2009-009.715- NE Sandy & 82nd Ave 1928(City of Portland Archives)

SE Stark & 82nd, 1934

SE Stark Street seemed aptly named in this 1934 photo. Starkly populated, at least by today’s standards, very little traffic, or much of anything else, impedes this view to the west as Stark climbs over the north edge of Mt. Tabor in the distance.

A2009-009.3208 SE Stark near 82nd 1934(City of Portland Archives)

SE 82nd Avenue & Ash, 1965

You could find on-street parking and gas for a little more than a quarter a gallon along SE 82nd Avenue in 1965. Neither option is even remotely possible today. This view is south through the intersection with SE Ash Street.

A2005-001.1013 SE 82nd south to Ash and Stark 1965(City of Portland Archives)