Shops, c1931 – Help Us Out!

You Vintage Portland fans are so good that last week you were able to find our mystery building even though it was not in Portland at all, but down in Woodburn. Congratulations, job well done.

This week the City Archives has provided photos of two shops. I’m not sure they are connected but they have enough in common that I decided to feature them together. Both have the same style of building features (diagonal paneling, etc.), awnings, signage, even sidewalk patterns. The only clues to the location are the addresses “410” above the gentleman’s head and “430” on the door frame above the lady’s head. The numbering is another indicator that they may be connected. Reflections in the windows may be the most significant clues. Good luck and happy hunting!

Found:  NE 4th Avenue, near Dallas St., Camas, WA (bottom photo)

(City of Portland Archives)

NE Killingsworth & 30th, 1954

Add some color and a few newer cars to this photo and it wouldn’t look much different today. This view west on NE Killingsworth at 30th Avenue has many different signs but the basics are still there.

(City of Portland Archives)

E Burnside, Sandy & 12th, 1948

E. Burnside where Sandy Blvd. and 12th Avenue cross has always been an interesting intersection. The recent couplet may have reduced some confusion here but it’s still a bustling intersection.

(City of Portland Archives)

NE Alberta St, 1962 – Help Us Out!

The City of Portland Archives has this image in its land use files but the location is not noted. Somewhere along NE Alberta Street in 1962 is about all that’s known. Can anybody lead us to the location of this corner market? Is it still standing?

Found: NE Alberta St. & 33rd Ave.

(City of Portland Archives)

SW Sheridan & 4th, 1959

The Roma Importing Co. and Delicatessen at SW Sheridan and 4th Avenue was probably a South Portland neighborhood mainstay back in its day. It would soon be demolished as part of the South Auditorium Urban Renewal Area project of the early 1960s. This view is east on Sheridan. The same building and intersection can be seen in this aerial view from 1934.

(City of Portland Archives)

N Broadway & Larrabee, 1937

N. Broadway looking east to Larrabee seemed like a thriving, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood center in 1937. You can even see the subway entrances that would allow walkers to cross under the busy streets. Everything on the right is now part of the Memorial Coliseum/Rose Center complex. See another view of this intersection looking south on this previous VP post.

(City of Portland Archives)

NE 60th & Glisan, 1965

That oddly configured power pole is still on the corner of NE 60th and Glisan Street. Even those super-tall poles farther north on 60th are still there almost half century later. The Lion’s Lair is now the popular Biddy McGraw’s neighborhood Irish pub.

(City of Portland Archives)