St. Johns Fire Station, circa 1932

This photograph shows a number man standing outside the old St. Johns City Hall and fire station in 1932. The structure on the left of the image was identified as a bandstand, according to the envelope the image came in. The old City Hall still stands today and is located at 7214 N Philadelphia Avenue, and now serves as the Portland Police Bureau Training Division building.


St. Johns fire station and bandstand, 1932: A2009-009.2609

St. Johns fire station and bandstand, circa 1932: A2009-009.2609


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St. Johns Plaza, 1979

This photograph was taken in the heart of St. Johns in 1979, on the corner of N. Philadelphia Avenue and N. Lombard Street looking north. Remember when the #35 Trimet bus that services areas of North Portland used to be the #1 bus? The clock in the photograph still stands today.

St. Johns Plaza, 1979 : A2010-003

St. Johns Plaza, 1979 : A2010-003


N Philadelphia Ave, c1930

Our Number Man is documenting a corner somewhere along N. Philadelphia Avenue in St. Johns circa 1930. I’m hoping one of our astute Vintage Portland followers will be able to identify the cross street.

A2009-009.2610 N Philadelphia 1932(City of Portland Archives)

St Johns Bridge Construction, c1930

East side approach ramp construction was underway in this circa 1930 photo of the St. Johns Bridge. Cabling and main bridge decking had not yet started. The old St. Johns City Hall building on the left was covered with ivy and a fountain once flowed in the street.

A2009-009.863 St Johns Bridge construction south from N Burlington c1930(City of Portland Archives)

Currin’s Drugs, 1932

Currin’s Drugs was located in St. Johns at 105 Philadelphia in this 1932 image; the photo is identified as being 7334 N. Philadelphia by today’s street numbering. An unknown itinerant photographer captured this scene and the era and photo style leads me to think this may be the same photographer who took the shots of our still unknown shops from a couple of weeks ago.

(City of Portland Archives)

N Lombard & Philadelphia, 1938

The bustling St. Johns downtown area is shown in this nice 1938 photo. The view is northwest on Lombard. N. Philadelphia comes in from the front left and N. Burlington Ave. branches off to the right.

(City of Portland Archives)

N Philadelphia & Ivanhoe, 1944

Today’s post brings us to St. Johns in 1944. This view looks north with N. Philadelphia in the foreground and Ivanhoe Street going off to the upper left. Burgerville is now at the Acme Beer sign location, and the St. Johns Cinema building can be seen in the distance.

(City of Portland Archives)