N Lombard & Philadelphia, 1938

The bustling St. Johns downtown area is shown in this nice 1938 photo. The view is northwest on Lombard. N. Philadelphia comes in from the front left and N. Burlington Ave. branches off to the right.

(City of Portland Archives)

6 thoughts on “N Lombard & Philadelphia, 1938

  1. We are finally going to get a new hardware store in St Johns, in the old Albersons that was the Child services building next to the old Harbor Ford building, that later was Gardner Ford and later St Johns Honda. Across from the old St Johns Honda Motorcycles that is now the Grocery Outlet.

    St Johns lost the hardware store in the photo, a few years ago and it sure will be nice to have one again in the neighborhood.

  2. That wiring looks positively Victorian even for the late ’30s.

    Notice also that all you got for a crosswalk was the words CROSS WALK. No lines or anything. And how was anyone supposed to see that little cat-eye in the street that said STOP?

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