Rankin Airport, 1930

Today was have a photograph of the Rankin Airstrip during the construction phase on N Union Ave near N Columbia St. The inscription written on the back of the image stated, “Plane and hangar 1930. While construction and grading was going on.”


Rankin Airport construction, 1930 : A2004-002.2073

Rankin Airport construction, 1930 : A2004-002.2073


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N Columbia & Oswego, c1932

This quaint and stylish gas station is identified as standing on N. Columbia Blvd. at Oswego Street. I find no reference to it on Sanborn maps and the curve of Columbia Blvd., complete with rails, doesn’t seem right to me. Can anyone confirm or refute this location?

A2009-009.2601 N Columbia & Oswego c1932(City of Portland Archives)

City Incinerator, 1972

The 1932 city incinerator landscape had changed quite a bit when this photo was taken in 1972. Trees obscured most of the building except for the prominent chimney; that was to come down in 1990. The facility had closed as an incinerator in 1970.

Incinerator (SPARC) 1972(City of Portland Archives)

NE 33rd & Columbia, c1968

The area around NE 33rd Avenue and Columbia Blvd. is shown in this circa 1968 aerial photo. The image has been modified to show a proposed overpass to separate traffic and ease congestion (and increase safety) at the intersection. The final configuration is not exactly like this but it’s not too far off.

(City of Portland Archives)

Wartime Housing Projects, 1945

This 1945 aerial photo looking northeast shows three wartime housing projects in North Portland, primarily for Portland and Vancouver shipyard workers. At center is Columbia Villa, beyond that is University Homes, and across the Columbia Slough at upper left is Vanport City. The Interstate Bridge to Vancouver can be seen beyond Vanport. All three housing projects are long gone and the land redeveloped.

(City of Portland Archives)