Hawthorne Bridge Approaches, 1958

The westbound (right) and eastbound elevated approaches to the Hawthorne Bridge were only one year old at the time of this 1958 photo. Union Avenue southbound passes through the center of the photo and the bridge itself can be seen in the distant right.

(City of Portland Archives)

8 thoughts on “Hawthorne Bridge Approaches, 1958

  1. 1427 SE Union…sorry…MLK…the building on left, with the ’58 Chev station wagon parked out in front…it’s nice to see what it once looked like. I worked in that building in the ‘80’s…when we moved in, there seemed to be some indication that it was once used as either a coffin building or coffin restoration type of business. (I still have the funeral home salesman’s “tool” I found in the back room! It’s a Samsonite briefcase with a built-in record player and a hand manipulated b/w slide projector! And it still works too!) Hmmm…coffin restoration? Still sounds a little morbid!
    Oh well…like I said…it’s nice to see what it looked like way back when! Now, new façade, new window treatment, no garage doors…totally unrecognizable! Ahhhh…progress!

  2. The McDowell Bag Co. bldg. sign was there until just a few years ago.

    It’s funny how in the google streetview of this area that as you progress westward from Grand, you transition from the viaduct to the surface street SE Madison below.

  3. Major changes have been wrought at the intersection. I work in the Multnomah Building and have taken photos similar to the perspective of this one, plus some from down at the level of MLK. In fact, I had just this week decided to post a series of them about the changes on my blog. There are three, so far. Catch up here, here, and here. Come on back for the next few days because I have lots more photos to share. Thanks!

  4. I assume the old approaches are the ones that still connect to Water Av? Where’s all the traffic? Must be a midnight sun photo. Speaking of traffic, it sure has been light this week. I was thinking that must be what it was like in the 70’s.

  5. I see two empty bottles lying in the lawn (left side) of the roundabout. Lol! Even the winos left their mark on our photographic history…

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