Hayden Island, 1973

The east end of Hayden Island is shown in this 1973 aerial photo where it meets Tomahawk Island, now joined together. Tomahawk Island was once named Sand Island and was the site of the Lotus Isle amusement park referenced in yesterday’s post. The pilings at bottom center are remnants of the bridge that joined Lotus Isle with Faloma and carried the streetcar.

hayden island complex-NARA-548023 1973(National Archives)

N. Denver & N. Interstate, 1947

Lots of great detail in this 1947 aerial photo looking northeast over N. Interstate and Denver Avenues. The Kenton Hotel is at lower-center, and Portland Meadows racetrack is at upper-right. Vanport, on the upper-left edge, would be destroyed in a flood the next year.

(City of Portland Archives)

Jantzen Beach, 1950

1950 was just about in the middle of Jantzen Beach’s time in Portland. “The Coney Island of the West” opened in 1928 and closed in 1970. This aerial photo looks east with the Interstate Bridge in the background.

(City of Portland Archives)