SW 3rd & Ash, 1928

The Boston Packing Co. building looks much too large to fit in the triangular block between SW 3rd, Ash and Ankeny Streets. A pedestal of one of the “Great Light Way” display arches over the intersection from the corner. It was sure to be a rough-and-tumble area just off lower Burnside in the 1920s.

Northwest corner of Ash and 3rd 1928(City of Portland Archives)

Front Avenue Sewer Construction, Part 4

This precarious looking discharge elevator was built to raise the dirt excavated for the 1928 intercepting sewer project along Front Avenue. The Portland Provision Co. was in the Portland Seed Co. building on the northwest corner of SW Front and Alder Street. The two-story buildings at center-right are the Wasserman & Weil buildings.

(City of Portland Archives)

Boston Packing Co. Building, 1928

The Boston Packing Co. was once situated on the improbably small triangular block bounded by SW 3rd Avenue and Ash and Ankeny Streets. The Multnomah Hotel is just off camera to the left. This building can be seen in the distance in this previous Vintage Portland post. The Union Gas station visible in the distance can also be seen in this post.

(City of Portland Archives)