SW 4th & Ankeny, 1928

Just a short block to the south of this earlier post of West Burnside at 4th Ave. is this scene at SW 4th and Ankeny, also from 1928. This view is to the northeast and the Hirsch-Weis building is again visible to give you a reference point. This Union Gasoline station corner is a fantastic little glimpse of a long-gone Portland. Note the great flapper girl on the Felix Block jewelry sign gracing the wood-framed house.

(City of Portland Archives)

5 thoughts on “SW 4th & Ankeny, 1928

  1. Correction: this is a view looking *northeast*, not northwest, from the SW 4th & Ankeny & Ash intersection. This was confusing the heck out of me when trying to figure it out as looking NW.

  2. For another ‘flapper girl’, zoom in on advertising signboard in front of ‘Union Gasoline’…she’s pumping her own gas! 🙂

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