SW 3rd & W Burnside Before Widening

This photo from the early 1930s shows the intersection of W. Burnside at SW 3rd looking south. On the left, the Union Theater is now the Paris Theater and the Union Cafe is now Berbati’s Pan and Voodoo Doughnut. Dante’s now sits where Winchester House once was.

Tomorrow: A very similar view after widening of W. Burnside.

(City of Portland Archives)

5 thoughts on “SW 3rd & W Burnside Before Widening

  1. I hope someday at least one of those fantastic arches is restored. As impossibly unlikely as it is, I have dreams that one will turn up in an old warehouse or someone’s barn.

  2. I too think they should resurrect these arches — how cool would that be. And this is a great photo to zoom in on and look around. Feels like you’re actually there.

  3. Such a great photo! Sigh. I’ve been unemployed for a year and a half – and the only interviews I’m getting are out of state. I’ve been an Oregonian for 20+ years and am super sad to think I may have to leave this awesome town, but don’t really have a choice. Pictures like this, and the various books and pictures I’ve collected about Portland throughout the years, just make the heartbreak more real.

    Portland I love you, and I’m sorry – but my family’s got to eat.

  4. What can you tell us about the building that appears to be on the corner of SW 3rd and Pine? It certainly appears huge. The one there now, if I remember right, is a boring parking garage with apartments over it. I am loving those arches and the trolley. Outta sight!

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