SW Yamhill & Park, 1933

We’ve seen this view before but different vehicles make the scene unique. Looking south on SW Park Avenue from SW Yamhill, a Meier & Frank delivery truck is seen at center with a Rose City Pies delivery van parked at the curb. The car on the left curb has a “Walker’s” logo on the spare tire and it looks like a Jantzen girl figure in the center of the spare. The Admiral Hotel is visible across SW Taylor and beyond is the Old Heathman Hotel.

A2005-001.494  SW Park Ave south from Yamhill St 02 1933(City of Portland Archives)

E Burnside & SE 18th Avenue, 1929

On the sunny day in 1929 when our Number Man documented the corner at SE 14th Avenue, he probably made his way four blocks east on E. Burnside to get this photo at 18th Avenue. The building is still intact and home to East Burn.

A2009-009.1088 E Burnside & 18th 1929(City of Portland Archives)

NE Broadway & 15th, 1958

This 1958 image shows NE Broadway looking west from 15th Avenue. This was two years before Lloyd Center opened nearby; it probably would have been a primary shopping area at the time.

(City of Portland Archives)

SW 3rd & Ankeny, c1927

We’ve seen this building before, from almost the same angle. This one, taken about a year earlier, shows it without all the street construction debris we saw in the earlier photo.

(City of Portland Archives)

N Lombard & Philadelphia, 1938

The bustling St. Johns downtown area is shown in this nice 1938 photo. The view is northwest on Lombard. N. Philadelphia comes in from the front left and N. Burlington Ave. branches off to the right.

(City of Portland Archives)

Lents, 1910

Portland’s Lents neighborhood was originally the town of Lent, platted in 1892. Hard to say exactly where this site is today, but the original town was bounded by SE Foster Rd. and Duke Street between SE 92nd and 97th Avenues.

(City of Portland Archives)